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The Joy of Erotic Massage

57m 37s
Directed by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.

This hot instructional video features explicit uncensored scenes of loving couples demonstrating not just the basic techniques of erotic massage ... but advanced methods of stimulation that are arousing and explosively satisfying!

You learn every teasing touch, every sensual stroke, just by watching. You'll see how to explore, be playful and rediscover your lover's body -- especially in the pleasure zones for heightened sexual arousal! You'll find exciting new ways to bring your lover to powerful extended orgasms ... with just the tender touch of your fingertips. Erotic massage is the touch of love. It arouses the senses ... stimulates a desire for intimacy ... relaxes inhibitions ... intensifies feelings ... and keeps you connected with your lover's erotic needs and desires. It's the gift you'll find as exciting to give -- as to receive.

Informative and hot. I love watching the man climax during the genital massage and can't wait to do this to my lover!

— Anonymous Viewer

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The Joy of Erotic Massage

Posted by Kshan23 (353 days ago)
The scene of male ejaculation was clearly unplanned and spontaneous. One might assume that the hours of filming the nude couple to accumulate a good one hour video led to a very heightened state of arousal. His pleasure seems to be very intense and his ejaculation travelled a few feet. Great moment in a solid erotic massage documentary.