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Better Oral Sex Techniques

58m 48s
Produced by: Sinclair Institute

Oral sex techniques are capable of producing sensations that far surpass the pleasures of intercourse alone. This erotic act of lovemaking is raised to an art form in Better Oral Sex Techniques.

Dr. Marty Klein and Dr. Diana Wiley introduce basic techniques that can help couples master oral pleasure. Viewers will learn how to communicate their likes and dislikes, discover their partner's most sensitive areas of arousal, and will watch explicit demonstrations of tips on the best positions, pressure and timing. This video helps couples overcome their fears and concerns and creates a comfortable, safe environment for couples of all levels of experience. For those who have never tried oral sex, all your questions will be answered and anxieties put to rest. Discover new ways to enjoy what's been called the ultimate expression of love.

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Better Oral Sex Techniques

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