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Better Sex for a Lifetime Volume One

1hr 0m 57s
Produced by: Sinclair Institute

Great Sex Has No Age Limit!

Love and sex can be thrilling in long-term relationships - in fact, older couples bring wisdom, experience and a mature outlook to their sex lives. Better Sex for a Lifetime, Vol. 1 explains the tips and techniques for making your sex life spectacular at any age.

Led by two internationally certified sexuality experts, this beautifully-produced instructional video presents the latest in sex techniques and information. Attractive and mature loving couples prove that it's never too late for sexual experimentation as they guide you through explicit demonstrations guaranteed to improve your sex life. Besides the demonstrations, you'll watch as older couples overcome the problems of dating, erectile dysfunction, avoiding STDs, and the prejudice sometimes shown to older lovers.


  • Beyond intercourse: making dynamite love without penetration
  • Fabulous foreplay techniques
  • The art of sensual massage
  • Oral techniques for amazing orgasms
  • The pleasures of mutual masturbation, and what it can teach you about each other
  • Experimenting with new positions
  • Vibrators, sex toys, penis pumps and rings - how to use them in a couples setting
  • Erectile dysfunction treatments and techniques
  • Meeting new potential lovers

With Better Sex for a Lifetime, Vol. 1, you'll discover the intensity and intimacy that can only be achieved with maturity and experience, and you'll learn that sexual fulfillment doesn't have to end as you get older!"

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Better Sex for a Lifetime Volume One

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