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The Couples Guide to Great Sex Over 40 Volume Two

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Produced by: Alan Stein
Consultants: Culley Carson, M.D., Diana Wiley, M.A.

Exercise and diet are critical to good sex, and this becomes even more true as we move into our middle years. Culley Carson and Diana Wiley again meet with the four couples of Volume 1 to tackle a new series of issues. You'll experience sex without an erection (using oral and manual stimulation); learn ways to overcome erection difficulties (penile injections and vacuum constriction devices); and discover new positions for deep yet comfortable penetration during intercourse. Sensual massage techniques are demonstrated to increase intimacy, while the psychological benefits of sex are discussed at length. Our couples again allow you into their bedrooms to watch as they experiment with many of the techniques provided in the video.

My wife and I are always looking for ways to keep the sexual fire going, this two volume set provided just that. There were real people discussing and showing what turns them on the best. It covered massage, fun in a hot tub, oral sex and sexual positions to name a few. It was good to see real people in their 40's having sex in a loving relationship and I must say that we were both hot after watching the video's and had great sex that night.

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The Couples Guide to Great Sex Over 40 Volume Two

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