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Great Sex for a Lifetime Volume One: Advanced Sex Play and Positions

1hr 4m 49s
Produced by: Sinclair Institute

If there is one group of people who don’t need to be told how to have sex it’s the baby boomers, right? We ushered in the sexual revolution and have had plenty of time to figure things out. Have you ever noticed that what worked in the past rarely works in the future in exactly the same way? It is all too easy for anyone to fall into a routine of sexual habit and predictable boring lovemaking. We guarantee that your sex life will never be boring again after you watch Great Sex For A Lifetime where couples explicitly demonstrate:

  • Sexplay
  • New oral sex techniques
  • Sex positions you’ve never seen before
  • Intensifying orgasm
  • Stimulating her G-Spot
  • Lifestyle tips for better sex

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Great Sex for a Lifetime Volume One: Advanced Sex Play and Positions

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