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Spain - "Orgasm Sound Library "

2m 4s
Directed by: Gemma Selga
Produced by: Proximity Madrid for Bijoux Indiscrets

 "Bijoux Indiscrets is a brand that originates and produces high quality erotic toys and accessories with a chic design. These products are mainly created to meet the aesthetic tastes and preferences of women.22.5% of Spanish women have never or almost never managed to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse and most of them feel such pressure to reach orgasm or to reach it in the way their male partners are expecting that 52% of women occasionally end up faking orgasms and 11.8% always fake them. Why? A huge number of articles and studies show that the image we have of sex is completely distorted by what we have seen in the media, especially in porn movies. 63% of women believe we have an unrealistic image of sex and 49% believe they did not get enough sex education when they were young.Bijoux Indiscrets is a brand committed to empowering women and educatingthem on their sexual lives, so we wanted to do something about it."IDEA "In a study we conducted for the campaign, we found that sound is one of the aspects of sexual life most affected by false beliefs and prejudices. Realising sound was a powerful creative asset, we decided to use it as the main basis of our campaign.So we invited anonymous women to share something as personal and as intimate as the sound of their own orgasms. We wanted to give a voice to “the diversity of female pleasure” and show that sex is pluralistic, with plenty of nuances, utterly different to the version depicted by the media.To this end, we created the Library of Real Orgasms,, a place where everyone is invited to record the sound of a real orgasm and share it anonymously."

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Spain - "Orgasm Sound Library "

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