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Germany - "Don't Offend"

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Produced by: Prevention Project Dunkelfeld)

The new commercial of the Prevention Network "Don't Offend" (Prevention Project Dunkelfeld) is to show that therapeutic treatment of people who feel sexually attracted to children is effective to prevent child sexual abuse.    The protagonists represent the experiences from the Prevention Network: "People like you and me"- People from different age and from all social ranks. On the one hand this shall promote a more human attitude to sexual minoritys - like paedophilia or hebephilia - and further motivates the participation in the therapy program. The message is: Nobody is to blame for their sexual preference, but everyone is responsible for their own behaviour. It is not the preference to condemned morally but the action, which harms others.   For more information visit     We endorse expressly a critical discussion of the spot "Don't offend", but this discussion has to be objective. If such is not the case, we reserve the right to delete offensive, obscene or objectionable comments.

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Germany - "Don't Offend"

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