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UK - "#CondomEmoji - Support an official Safe Sex Emoji!"

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Produced by: Shynola

In a new social media campaign video created by Havas London, Durex are calling for the creation of a condom emoji. Launched in the run-up to World AIDS Day on 1st December, the campaign video is live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The film is designed to address the fact that emojis are the new language of young people even when it comes to starting and developing relationships, but no safe sex emoji is available yet. The film – which uses emojis like the aubergine, hot dog and peach to show how people are currently discussing sex on mobile devices – calls on viewers to use the hashtag #CondomEmoji, and highlights World AIDS Day, reinforcing the need for better communication around safe sex.

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UK - "#CondomEmoji - Support an official Safe Sex Emoji!"

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