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Australia - "STIs"

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Directed by: Sam Holst
Produced by: George Patterson Y&R Sydney

Faced with a significant increase in STI's (sexually transmissible infections), particularly in young adults, the NSW Government, via George Patterson Y&R Sydney, has set out to raise awareness of the problem. The campaign theme - Sleeping with one is sleeping with many - brings the message to life and the tagline is a simple call to action: get tested, play safe.    Client: NSW health  Agency: George Patterson Y&R Sydney  Production Company: The Sweet Shop  Director(s): Sam Holst  Creatives: Group Head: BART PAWLAK Executive Creative Director: James Procter  Creative Director: David Rollins  Assoc Creative Director: Robbie Kantor  Agency Producer: Amanda Collins  Country: Australia  Other Credits: Account Director - Emma Boyle  Account Manager - Stephanie Lee  Production Company - The Sweet Shop    The TV Commercial titled STIs was done by GPY&R Sydney advertising agency for brand: Nsw Health in Australia. It was released in the Aug 2009.

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Australia - "STIs"

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