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GRAND OPENING: The Female Genitals, Part One

7m 22s
United States
Produced by: Directed by deryck calderwood, Ph.D., Produced by Mark Schoen, Ph.D.

Music and visuals desensitize audience members to the appearance and discussion of female genitalia. The program displays the vulva in detail and examines the clitoris, labia, vaginal opening and cervix. Offers a fascinating, widely comparative, multi-racial view and sets a relaxed tone with light humor.

…if it doesn’t start discussion, then the viewers are either not looking or are too inhibited to be present in a group.

Joseph L. Norton, Ph.D.
Journal of Sex Education and Therapy

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GRAND OPENING: The Female Genitals, Part One

Posted by peterproton (73 days ago)
Now if only I could see this display in person
Posted by mpasiakos (5166 days ago)
hi very good