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Sex on the Map

28m 0s
Directed by: Pär Berg
Produced by: RFSU and UR - with support from The Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission (Allmänna Arvsfonden)

The film was designed to be used in sexual education programs in middle schools.

About the film

Sex on the map is an educational hand-drawn film based on young people’s own questions. The setting takes place in a school library where five students have voluntarily assembled for tutoring in math. Their regular teacher does not show up and their substitute teacher Jao would rather teach sex education than math. ”What an outstanding video! It took me years to learn everything that was covered in this 28 minute film!”Posted on our website Genitals, vaginal corona, sexual acts, masturbation and sexual interaction is all discussed. There are also side-stories about the students themselves: What really happened between Abdu and Melody in rehearsal studio two weeks ago? And will Kim and Hanna dare to get closer? The film is available in Swedish with English or Spanish subtitles. There is also a Finnish language version. The film is 28 minutes long. The film is produced by RFSU and UR with support from the Inheritance Fund Commission. About this guide This guide offers suggestions on how you can use the film as a starting point in your sex- and relationship education programs in middle school and early high school. You can even work with just one of the film’s six parts at a time. There are two tutorials for the film: a shorter tutorial that comes with the film and a more detailed one found on the web. Because it is a pdf file, we can revise it and would look forward to comments or suggestions on how we can improve it.

Please contact us at RFSU ( The tutorial is aimed at teachers in addition to general school staff, youth, and other educators working with youth. This guide is a way to work with the film. Many other methods are of course useful.

At the end of the tutorial, we give some examples of materials that can be complementary. Download the guide (pdf) Información en español

”What an outstanding video! It took me years to learn everything that was covered in this 28 minute film!”

— Posted on RFSU web site

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Sex on the Map

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