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India - "The Seatbelt Crew"

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A posse of Hijras (transgenders of South Asia), teach perils of unsafe driving in their own style.

A group of special Indian women are using their sacred position in Indian culture to urge motorists to use their seatbelts.

The Seatbelt Crew shows how transgender women in India are directing motorists at traffic stops to use their safety devices.

The women are considered sacred in India's culture and their blessings are often sought - especially for newborns and newlyweds - because they're believed to bring luck and fertility.

In the video, the Hijra dress in matching saris and act as flight attendants and they fill the lanes between cars at a busy intersection during a red light.

"May I have your attention please? If you're going to drive like a pilot then you should know some things. Your car doesn't have an oxygen mask. Under your seat you won't find a life jacket," a woman asks using a megaphone. "But you do have a seatbelt. So why aren't you wearing it, honey?"

The Seatbelt Crew then gives her simple instructions to put it on.

"Your pretty face won't look so good after an accident," she warns and then chides some motorists for filming her instead of wearing the seatbelt.

As the light turns green the cars drive off, and the Hijra give out their blessings as promised to those who are wearing their seatbelts.

Ryan Mendonca, a member of the group, told the Daily News via email that the cause began in March.


Most motorists are pleasantly shocked at first. But the Seatbelt Crew is always met with smiles. 

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India - "The Seatbelt Crew"

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