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Variations in Male Masturbation

21m 14s
United States
Produced by: William Hartmann, Ph.D. and Marilyn Fithian, Ph.D.
Original Format: 16 mm

Excerpts from full-length films of four different male masturbatory subjects showing varying techniques and responses. Useful in college courses in human sexuality to illustrate a wide range of masturbatory patterns and responses, and with therapy clients to suggest behavioral alternatives.

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Variations in Male Masturbation

Posted by SteveK (143 days ago)
To me it looked like they put a time constraint on there men to masturbate and ejaculate quickly. They should have allowed them to enjoy themselves and the pleasure their penis was giving them
Posted by Kshan23 (322 days ago)
Interesting how 3 of these men are borderline physically abusing their penis. The 4th guy seems to handle with care.
Posted by Anonymous (3536 days ago)
Do you have any videos of 75 year old men masturbating, because their wives have no libido?