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Produced by: Que, Brazil
Consultants: Luren Alves, Bruno Altieri

To educate young people of the importance in preventing AIDS, Quê agency and radio MIX developed an action on Facebook on 1st December, World Day to Combat AIDS. Through a “failure” of Facebook that was exploited by hackers to get some extra hits on their sites, the agency posted on the profile of the radio two videos with sexy appeal, with a woman and a man respectively. Drawn by curiosity, surfers clicked on the video and were surprised by a message at the end: “With HIV is like that: you get distracted, get the virus and shares without even realizing it. Take a look to your wall. Prevent always, December 1, World Day to Combat AIDS. ”The viral idea was shared automatically in the user profile, which ignored the possibility that video is a “virus.” It was so shared that Facebook has come to overturn the action. Yet it obtained in only 6 hours more than 6,000 views and over one million people affected.

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