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16m 20s
United States
Directed by: Wren Warner
Produced by: UNKNOWN

Transpass is a short documentary exposing the negative effects of the gender sticker on the SEPTA transportation pass in Philadelphia. The film consists of personal interviews, footage of Riders Against Gender Exclusion (RAGE) demonstrations and actions, and includes music created by people in the trans and queer community. (USA, 16 min).

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Posted by Anonymous (3227 days ago)
Very well done. Thank you for making this down-to-earth film about real life impacts on non-conforming people.
Posted by Anonymous (3491 days ago)
So, the film was made in 2012, and the promise was that the sticker program would end in 2013: did they keep their promise this time? What an inspiring campaign, and a great video which demonstrates some of what it is like to be trans and to navigate an uncomprehending world. Thank you!!
Posted by Anonymous (4246 days ago)
This is an amazing and inspiring film. Fantastic job, Wren.
Posted by Anonymous (4311 days ago)
Unreal . . . They actually state your gender on a transportation pass.