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Brazil - RADIO

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 To educate young people of the importance in preventing AIDS, Quê agency and radio MIX developed an action on Facebook on 1st December, World Day to Combat AIDS. Through a “failure” of Facebook that was exploited by hackers to get some extra hits on their sites, the agency posted on the profile of the radio two videos with sexy appeal, with a woman and a man respectively. Drawn by curiosity, surfers clicked on the video and were surprised by a message at the end: “With HIV is like that: you get distracted, get the virus and shares without even realizing it. Take a look to your wall. Prevent always, December 1, World Day to Combat AIDS. ” The viral idea was shared automatically in the user profile, which ignored the possibility that video is a “virus”. It was so shared that Facebook has come to overturn the action. Yet obtained in only 6 hours more than 6000 views and over one million people affected.

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Brazil - RADIO

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