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21m 47s
United States
Produced by: William Hartmann, Ph.D. & Marilyn Fithian, Ph.D.
Original Format: 16 mm

The middle-aged happily married couple displays a high degree of caring and commitment in their clinical activity. An excellent depiction of gentle lovemaking in the middle of years, with relaxed for a play, satisfying orgasm, and playful resolution.

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Posted by Anonymous (4042 days ago)
What is the man applying to his her and her nose at 7:26 well into foreplay before she sucks her breas?
Posted by mshomotun (4874 days ago)
I may had said something before about this video, but again it is educational and can teach other couples how to have sex better than ever before. The older man does a great job arousing his wife. They connected with each other greatly as a married couple. The woman has a nice vagina(vulva) by the way, eveb though it was sort of hairy.