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United Kingdom
Produced by: Sarah Clemenson

Condom commercial, whose core audience was 18 to 24 year olds.

Approximately 100 million sperm are released every time a man ejaculates. The line: ‘Durex. For a hundred million reasons’ was based on this simple truth. 
Secondly, a young male’s approach to sex is typically one dimensional and unsophisticated. This behaviour was portrayed by a bunch of equally unsophisticated but very focused sperm characters. 
Importantly, both sexes were able to recognise male behaviour: vanity, clumsiness, sexual drive and even premature ejaculation. Crucially, in pre-testing, the commercial was not seen as preaching safe sex. Whilst it placed Durex at the centre of the sexual act and offered a reason for using condoms, humour and a sense of the ridiculous ensured that the message did not alienate the audience.

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