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Israel - "GET TESTED"

2m 40s
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We decided that the best way to legitimize the HIV tests issue is to create a large and meaningful PR event in collaboration with leading public opinion leaders – top Radio anchors. The leading anchors in Israel will take tests LIVE during broadcast and get results LIVE – in that way they will set an example to all young listeners and can make the difference. We collaborated with all radio stations in the country on World Aids Day, 1.12.10. We created an open platform – a platform which the anchors can use and become the Task Force's ambassadors. We created the open platform for them and they created the content, the interviews and items. The stations and anchors felt the responsibility to get the message through to the public, to bring their angle on the issue and to set an example – not as an advertising campaign, but as a PR and content campaign.

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Israel - "GET TESTED"

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