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Body Without Fear

15m 50s
United States
Directed by: Andy Ogden
Produced by: Deborah Seeley

This mini-documentary focuses on the sexuality programming at the campus ministry at the University of Pennsylvania. Exploring reproductive freedom, sexual assault, and the knowledge of collegians in this changing sexual climate, it exposes what students know and don't know about sex. And, it might surprise you.

Alternately devastating and hopeful, this film features students, staff, and faculty who are working to create a positive shift within the campus culture, and a Christian clergyperson known as Rev Bev who is determined to help people reconnect the body and the spirit.

If you would like a DVD copy of this film or have any questions or comments to share, contact Rev Bev at Your feedback is appreciated.

"Body Without Fear" can be used in classrooms and educational venues, including the local church. Let us know if you want a discussion booklet. You can help fund the distribution and development of these much needed educational materials by donating $10.00 to help defray our costs.

This film was sponsored by Passion Works and made possible by a grant from Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom, a program of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

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Body Without Fear

Posted by Anonymous (3714 days ago)
Sex. Videos,
Posted by Anonymous (3943 days ago)
This is a professionally done documentary with important, meaningful content.
Posted by Anonymous (4653 days ago)
My chuch is hosting a speaker on this video Sunday so I watched in advance. I am so pleased that I did. Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.
Posted by Anonymous (5138 days ago)
the femininity comment was fabulous! well spoken, fromthe mouth of a babe... ~m.