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The Home Economics Story (Part I)

12m 28s
United States
Produced by: Iowa State Teachers' College
Original Format: 16 mm
Consultants: Iowa State Teachers' College

A high school girl's interest in home economics becomes a way for her to legitimize her desire to attend college. Its easy to ridicule these films, but underneath all their corny imagery we can see how hard it was for girls to have any real educational opportunities after high school. At the time this film was made, many parents didnt see the need for their daughters to attend college. Would Kay, the girl in this film, be allowed to go to college at all if she wasnt majoring in Home Economics? Probably not. I particularly liked the scenes with Kay and her parents poring over the college application. Kay could be the first in her family to go to college and the voice-over reminds us, College for Kay would mean sacrifices for Mom and Dad. Would it be worth the sacrifice? When Kay's college acceptance letter comes in the mail, her mother, humbly wiping her hands on her apron, is standing at her side. Kay has an chance for a larger life that her mother was denied.

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The Home Economics Story (Part I)

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