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Role-Play with me: Bridged and Rob

27m 41s
United States
Produced by: Gabriele Hoff, Psy.D.

Bridged and Rob have been together for two years; they have lived together since 2005 in a beautiful house in the Berkeley Hills. Bridged is in her twenties. She is finishing her undergraduate degree at Mills College, after which she will continue her research in Nepal and apply for acceptance to UC Berkeley's PhD program in anthropology. She has her own start-up company, which does philanthropic grass root fundraising for social and educational programs in developing nations. Rob, who is 17 years older than Bridged, leads a group of scientists researching nanotechnology. He holds a PhD in chemistry and is an inventor and artist. Both are Caucasian. Bridged and Rob are intelligent and intellectual. They have a great passion for life, their work and each other. They love to de-construct their thought processes through long and engaged discussions. They adore each other. They enjoy eating out, travelling and meeting interesting people. Rob and Bridged find that they fuel each other's passions and questions. They believe that "the unexamined life is not worth living." In the film, Bridged and Rob speak about their enjoyment in playing out roles and fantasies with each other. They maintain a great sense of humor. They laugh a lot when playing with each other. Bridged began exploring her fantasies early in life; Rob started his exploration when he met Bridged. Rob explains in the film how his relationship with Bridged has opened new doors for him, and how they play with his foot fetish.

— Dr. Gabrielle Hoff's

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Role-Play with me: Bridged and Rob

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