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As Boys Grow . . .

16m 17s
United States
Produced by: UNKNOWN

This 1953 sex education film is aimed at teenage boys. The coach plays the authority figure and teacher.

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As Boys Grow . . .

Posted by Anonymous (3775 days ago)
Great info! Cute!
Posted by Anonymous (4450 days ago)
as a good
Posted by Anonymous (4676 days ago)
dated, of course - but historically of interest
Posted by Anonymous (4780 days ago)
i think that this is a tremendous teaching video. i beleive that today's youth will find it "stupid" or "old fashioned" and it just will not serve it's purpose. today's adolescents want everything - today. right now. everything is instantaneous & electronic. this makes tremendous points; sadly today's youth (overall) are not interested in "the old days".
Posted by far (5408 days ago)
its suparb