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Episode 5: Gaia and Masturbation Special

13m 1s
Produced by: Tickle.Life

Welcome to another hot and steamy episode of Podcast where our host Gaia Morissette will talk about spicing it up with her sexual fantasies and masturbation. She talks about how self pleasure could be the key to get over personal setbacks and loneliness. Masturbation is an art and fantasizing is another. The two together can make up for the sexcitement you need to pleasure yourself and forget the personal setbacks. Gaia's imagination of doing it with a merman and getting over her own personal judgements is what this sexciting episode is going to be all about. She believes it's important to explore possibilities without a hint of doubt regarding how it is going to be. It is okay to fantasize about having sex with aliens, mermaids, interspecies as long as we don't stop ourselves from our desires and our thoughts and our imaginations and our masturbation! In the words of Morissette. Join us and dive into Gaia's CRAZY fantasies! Reach out to us at for any information, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @ticklelife and Facebook @tickledotlife Looking for more sex positive podcasts? Discover some great ones we have curated at

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Episode 5: Gaia and Masturbation Special

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