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Australia - "GET NAKED"

0m 44s
Directed by: Gary Eck
Produced by: The Ethical Adman

Condom commercial

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Australia - "GET NAKED"

Posted by Johnnywadd67 (485 days ago)
I have paid my )1.99 With my credit card for the advanced oral sex techniques why can’t I get it to play why do they keep showing me other things I need to see the
Posted by Anonymous (1284 days ago)
This is amazing. So original!
Posted by moxiemagic (1440 days ago)
Posted by amp (2686 days ago)
AMAZING...from an over 60 N american standpoint! dont quite know where to start re questions about Australia, , but i guess the various prisoners who were sent there didnt create any kind of puritan ethic...Am curious how long and where such an ad aired there?