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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Conference focuses on technology

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United States
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During the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Conference held in April at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, organizers polled audiences during the morning and afternoon keynote addresses as part of an effort to incorporate more technology into this and other conferences.

The polling used technology that allows participants to answer the questions with their cell phones.  We thought it was appropriate with this audience, because we wanted these professionals who work with teens to use the technology teens are using -- primarily cell phones, said Penn State Outreach conference organizer Heidi Watson, clarifying: Teens use them for texting, not for talking.

It was a learning experience for the conference participants -- made up of professionals ranging from educators to legislators to counselors -- who believed that teens communication tool of choice is e-mail.

The morning keynote speaker, Landi Turner, assistant professor of psychology at Eastern University and adjunct professor of human sexuality at Widener University, asked attendees: What percentage of young people use e-mail? Most who participated said that 95 percent used e-mail; however, in actuality, only 36 percent of young people prefer e-mail over cell phones.

The conference was organized by Penn State Outreach's Conferences unit in partnership with Penn State's College of Health and Human Development, the Pennsylvania Learning Academy for Sexuality Education and the Pennsylvania Coalition to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Penn State Conferences plans and manages more than 300 programs each year, with enrollments of nearly 45,000. The programs represent the diversity and strength of Penn States academic colleges and provide opportunities for many individuals--scholars and scientists; business and organization clients; youth, families, pre-college students and seniors; current Penn State students and professionals in health care, education, workforce development and other areas--to learn about the latest scholarship, research and developments in their fields or participate in enriching learning experiences. For more information, visit http://www.outreach.psu.edu/conference-planning/ online. Penn State Conferences is part of Penn State Outreach, the largest unified outreach organization in American higher education.

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Conference focuses on technology

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