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SexSmartFilms prides itself on being your most reliable source of sexual health education, research and therapy films.

We work diligently to provide the greatest diversity and most culturally representative sexuality videos from around the world. Pick a subject in the spectrum of sexuality and then just navigate to a video that covers it.

As always we welcome comments and suggestions, both good and bad. If you know a film you would like us to carry provide us with some information and we will try to add it to the collection. If there’s a topic we don’t cover let us know and we’ll try get you a video on that deals with it.

What Every Boy and Girl Should Know

4m 17s
Produced by: Robert McDevitt Green
Original Format: 16mm, Color, Sound

Note: Projector sound can be heard

The opening looks like a traditional sex education film with a narrator proceeding to describe the differences between the sexes. However, the film quickly deters from itstraditional premise. The narrator's female assistant presents two live models toillustrate the differences between a man and a woman. Things quickly get out of hand as the models begin to have sex and the narrator yells to have the assistant turn the camera away. The attempts to move the camera by the assistant fails, resulting in her blouse being torn and the total comical disintegration of the instruction.

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What Every Boy and Girl Should Know

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