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10m 59s
United States
Directed by: NBC Television
Produced by: NBC Television
Original Format: 16mm
Consultants: Dr Alfred Kinsey

This is a digitized version of the 16mm raw, unedited footage shot for the the NBC Today Show in 1956.
The interview is between Dr Alfred Kinsey and an NBC correspondent. The interview takes place in Dr. Kinsey's office in Jordan Hall at Indiana University. The interviewer asks Dr. Kinsey several questions related to the nature of his research and his motivation for studying sexual behavior.

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Posted by Anonymous (3181 days ago)
It's amazing that this Interview was done in 1956, and here we are in the 2010 century where much has chage since the 1950's. I agree with Kinsey that sex plays a major part in marriages because sex is one main reason that a person would want to get married. At least, those who believe in Christianity do. I'm an engaged Christian who is enable to marry at this time due to un- establishment; my mother had a talk with me that I should go ahead a get married because she was once my age and it was hard for her not to have sex with her mate even though she was a Christian. Now, Kinsey said that back in the day young men or teenagers were Biological develop by the age of 16-18 due to whether it was pleasing themselves by mastervating, or having sex with the same sex or opposite sex. However, in the 2010 century kids are sexually active as early as 11 years old because of maturness, pressure, rape, oral etc....