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Sexual Positions for Men with Spinal Cord Injury: Creativity, Adaptability and Sense of Humor

3m 59s
Directed by: Dr. Mitchell Tepper
Produced by: Dr. Mitchell Tepper


Dr. Mitchell Tepper mitchelltepper.com , leading expert on sexuality and disability, along with Tifany, a rehab nurse, demonstrate a few sexual positions that work well, despite paralysis and muscle weakness. Finding the right position for you and your partner is a matter of open-mindness, creativity, experimentation, adventure, adaptation, and maintaining a sense of humor.


Thanks to Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear for support in making this video: liberator.com.

Dr. Tepper is available for speaking, coaching and consulting: drmitchelltepper.com 

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Sexual Positions for Men with Spinal Cord Injury: Creativity, Adaptability and Sense of Humor

Posted by Degnanmj (841 days ago)
I have been a married paraplegic since 1997. In first 6 months post injury I returned to full-time work and in Fall 2004 I was promoted to full professor. For 18 months I denied that I had sexual needs. In January 1998 such needs surfaced. I drove to Deja Vu strip club just 8 miles from my home. I became an all too regular customer. I realized my sex drive was alive and strong but I thought there wa no way I could please my wife or any woman since I could not penetrate or ejaculate. This fall I discovered your site at age 60. The liberator and wedge opened me to a newworld of possibilities for me to genuinely please my wife of 33 years. Many many thanks.ðð